Wardrobe Staples with Heights Magazine

I'm excited to reveal a project that I've been working on for a few weeks now with the lovely team at Heights Magazine. I created a feature for their website about my wardrobe essentials (specifically tailored towards building the ideal fall closet) alongside a nifty set of GIFs featuring some of my favourite particular items.  You can check out the entire feature over here.

Heights also produced a short interview with Toronto designer Som Kong - who I have had the pleasure of meeting twice at World Mastercard Fashion Week - for Couturesque's YouTube channel, which I edited. You can watch it here.


Wearing: Topshop Moto Black Slim Leg Overalls (shop)

I honestly can't get enough of overalls.  There are a million ways to wear them, and while some might argue that they make me look like a giant toddler, I love them.  These are the latest addition to my collection and - true to form - I've been pairing them with turtlenecks galore.  I'll even be wearing them to Toronto's World Mastercard Fashion Week later on this week.  If you don't like them, well, fight me.

What do you think about overalls?