All That Good Stuff

A.K.A crap that I'm loving right now.

Style Icons: Alexa Chung, Jane Birkin, Suki Waterhouse
Models: Imaan Hammam, Damaris Goddrie, Christy Turlington
Apparel: Zara Sock boots (see here), & Other Stories Silk Shirt, Comfy t-shirts
Miscellaneous: Venetia Scott, Versailles, Wonderland Magazine, Dwight Schrute


Two years ago, I ran a series on my blog called "February Fever."  I blogged every working day for the entire month of February, and it was definitely an exercise in time management and creativity.  Although my schedule has since amplified and is now a little bit too cramped to commit to so much blogging, I wanted to do something similar this year, especially since I have the week off from school right now.  The result?  I'm bringing back "February Fever" for this week only, and I will be posting everyday, Monday through Friday.  Are you excited?  I sure am.  Planned features include outfit posts like today's, a beauty feature, and even some video content.  You heard correctly, I am bringing it back.

Self-Directed No.1

I've been working on portfolio stuff, and I loved how these shots turned out.  Feeling old school film vibes and as always, my Adidas trainers.

Year in Review

First of all, let's give a shoutout to Christian Lacroix for making a real cute notebook to house this sappy list in.  Secondly, I've decided to keep my New Year's Resolutions to a minimum this time around.  Mostly because I either tend to forget them or they end up making me feel pretty crappy about myself.  So for 2016, I have only one Resolution - to be more present.  I know you probably just vomited in your mouth a little bit, and I swear this isn't going to be like Eat, Pray, Love, but I seriously think that this is something many of us are guilty of not being.  I've realized that I spend about 90% of my time thinking about what my life should be like or could be like, if I were richer, prettier, older, had more time, lived somewhere else...  The result is sometimes motivating, but typically just depressing.  That's why I made this list.  Because 2015 was damn good and I need to know that.  Things changed and I grew and had new experiences and met new people and had a self-affirming, thrilling, memorable year.  I think as I head into 2016 - a year fraught with the unknown - I need to learn to appreciate where I'm at now, and that is someone who is ambitious and intelligent, but incomplete and still growing.  Always growing.  And that's so important to not only acknowledge, but cherish.  Incompleteness is necessary because if we go through our lives thinking that we are whole all of the time, we don't have space to learn and fill ourselves with more.  I'm proud to be a work in progress, and look forward to throwing myself into everything that 2016 holds.  This year, I hope you all get the courage to follow your dreams, the wisdom to love yourself, and the opportunity to keep collecting highlights.