I wore this outfit on Thursday for my last show at Toronto Fashion Week and let me tell you, I think it's my new go-to.  Sadly, it rained and so I didn't have the opportunity to bless the street-style-photography-world with my radiant presence (*cue eye rolling*) but I did get a goodie bag with more than three different kinds of chocolate, so I can't complain.  I also recently added these Converse to my collection; as you've probably gathered from this recent post, my wardrobe has had quite a nostalgic feel to it as of late, and so I indulged my inner child with this purchase.  I actually used to buy white Converse and draw on them when I was 10.  But I plan on keeping these babies spiffy and clean to freshen up my spring/summer wardrobe and to survive walking blocks on end when I move to New York in the fall.  (Just writing that is surreal!!!)

*c/o Simons

Toronto Fashion Week Day 1

Credit: The Individualist / Shafi Sultan

Credit: StyleCircle / Nadia Ebrahim

Toronto Fashion Week is here!  I was a bit upset (ok, that's an understatement) about not being able to make it out to New York this season, but I have to admit, it's been really nice keeping it lowkey and staying local for the shows in stead.  TFW is growing quickly, but it still has a laid-back atmosphere as well as the rich feeling of authenticity and determination that a smaller and fresher community tends to engender.  You're also constantly bumping into people you know, which of course makes the entire process even more exciting.  And you also don't have to dress like Anna Dello Russo to get your street style photo taken... you can in stead embrace the very current Boy Scout trend that I made up (see above).

I kicked off the week with 2 shows on Monday night, beginning with the breathtaking Mikhael Kale runway (the models walked through the audience! Wearing velvet mini dresses, distressed denim, and transparent rain macs! To die for!!!), followed by the packed Sid Neigum presentation (serious props to this talented youngster for drawing such a crowd).  I'm starting to get sentimental about leaving the city when I move to New York this fall, because these are brands that I really look forward to watching grow, but I'm sure I'll be back at some point.  In the meantime, you can look forward to my first real attempt at "vlogging" (did you just cringe a little bit? I promise it won't be that bad) as I capture my experiences throughout the week for some spiffy new YouTube videos.  I am also trying my hand at Snapchat - which any friend of mine can tell you is a social media platform that does not come naturally to me - for Couturesque, so you should definitely follow us this week (couturesquemag).  I'm trying new things, guys!


Fact: when I was a kid, I spent 90% of my days in my brother's old t-shirts and overalls.  The other 10% of the time was represented by the complete opposite - plastic Barbie heels, Belle gowns, and faux fur coats.  This dichotomy between both street-influenced, tomboy style and a longtime love for all-things pink has made coherently defining my wardrobe somewhat difficult.  Striking a balance between both sides of my style (and personality) is often the intention between my fashion choices, and I can't wait to carry this into spring with looks like this one.  Sneakers + peasant dresses + denim jackets = heck yes.