Coveting: Fall 2013 Current Wishlist

fall covets

fall covets by tiaelisabeth on Polyvore

Top Row: Glasses (Ebay), Faux Leather Gloves (H&M), Bobble Hat (Forever 21), Faux Fur Collar (H&M), Boots (Jeffrey Campbell)
Bottom Row: Midi Dress (Forever 21), Boyfriend Blazer Coat (Forever 21), Knee High Socks (Forever 21), Cropped Black Turtle Neck (ASOS), Velvet Smock Dress (Missguided)

As fall, or "autumn," is most definitely upon us, it's safe to say that I have been using this as an excellent excuse to do some shopping.  (If you haven't already seen my Fall Haul from Topshop, H&M, Aldo, etc., then I reccomend you do, as it is a perfect example of this addiction of mine!)  I've also put aside a lot of my money for Christmas presents for my family however, which means that if I want to do any shopping, I have to figure out how best to stretch my budget, and find some good bargains and sales!  In a perfect world, these items would be at the top of my shopping list but for the moment it's just a Wishlist and nothing more, unfortunately.  That being said, the next few weeks will definitely involve some decision making, and I have a feeling that by the end of that time, you may see the Forever 21 dress, coat, and socks, appearing in a Haul along side the ASOS turtle neck and Missguided dress (if I can find away to get around the insane international shipping rates on Missguided... should come close to $25 for postage to Canada alone) .... they're just too irresistible!  Until then, have a great weekend and keep checking back for more.  You can also find me on my YouTube channel. x

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