Favourite: ASOS Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch

  If you know me, you know that I never (well, hardly ever) leave the house without my beloved rose gold ASOS Boyfriend Watch.  I had been coveting an oversized rose gold watch similar to the Michael Kors ones back in the winter and spring, and was overjoyed when I found this one on ASOS for just $36 (it has since gone up to $41).  It was around my birthday when I had discovered it, so I asked for it as a present from my parents.  Unfortunately, the day my mom had gone to order it, it had gone out of stock.  I searched everywhere for anything similar looking, in a similar price range, but really didn't find anything.  A few weeks later I couldn't sleep and starting watching TV on my laptop late at night.  When I was searching through my bookmarks for the link, I accidently clicked on the link to the ASOS watch.  To my surprise, it was in stock!  As it was past midnight however, ordering at that time wasn't an option so I decided to wait until morning.  Sure enough when I woke up however, it was sold out again.  Disappointed, I went to school, but in between one of my last classes, I went back on ASOS and saw it was back in stock again.  I frantically (understatement) called my mom to tell her and she ordered it.  It arrived just in time for my birthday and I have been smitten with it ever since.

    Obviously for $38, it is not made from real rose gold, as I understand it it is an alloy with a stainless steel backing.  I was able to remove one link on my own, but may need to take out another as it is still a bit loose... I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  As far as the actual timekeeping part goes, that's really not what I use it for.  Vain as it sounds, I really just wear it because I think it's beautiful, and tend to use my iPhone for checking the time anyways.  I find that the watch also loses time after a while and ends up completely off, so I feel like that could definitely be a deterrent for anyone looking to actually use it in that way.  Regardless, I love it and think that it elevates any outfit.  I love the rose gold tone, as it is much softer and more feminine than gold, however it is difficult to find much rose gold jewelry to match it.  That being said, I tend not to wear much more jewellery other than it and my not-so-attractive MedicAlert bracelet.  Note to anyone buying this watch, make sure that the clasp is always firmly secured and snapped shut, and check it often as when it snags on clothes, accessories, etc. it can fly open and it has fallen off before (luckily, no damages!)
   This is definitely my staple accessory and I highly recommend ASOS for all kinds of fashion purchases - free shipping worldwide, impeccable customer service, and some great finds.

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  1. Gorgeous watch and looks just as good as the more expensive MK ones. For something a bit trendy like rose gold watches I don't think you need to spend a ton since trends can come and go so fast.


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