Nailed It: Essie's "Wicked"

  Due to their hefty price of $13.99 at my local drugstore, I had never bothered to try any Essie nail polishes, despite their tempting colour selection and rave reviews.  I have however, been lusting after a dark red nail shade, and of course, the classic "Wicked" shade just had to end up on my Christmas list.  I've been wearing it since I pulled it out of my stocking on Christmas day, and it's safe to say, that I am obsessed.  It's a dark red, almost black, shade, that applies fairly opaquely and is fine with one or two coats.  So far, not much chipping, which by my typical standards is pretty good.  Love the colour, love the formula, highly reccomend!

Enjoying my fabulous cuticles? *sarcasm*

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