Step-by-Step: Dutch Crown Braid Hairstyle

 If you've been keeping up with any of my recent Instagram posts, then you will know what a huge fan I have become of the Dutch Crown Braid hairstyle.  I've been rocking it non-stop over the past week or so, and it is actually a lot less complicated to do than I had initially anticipated.  It's also such a versatile look and elevates any ensemble -I've worn it for casual school days, shopping, and even a Christmas party (outfit post coming soon).  After a bit of experimenting, I've created a step-by-step guide on how you can do it to.

Note: This about x10000000000 times easier if someone else does it on you or vice versa.  If you have that option, definitely go for it as it will save you time and cause a lot less frustration.

Step 1: Create a part from the back of one ear to the other, sectioning off the front part.  You will use the back hair later, but this will keep it out of your way for now.
Step 2: Separate the section you've created into three strands.
Step 3 - 7:  Braid the hair starting with the three strands from Step 2 in a Dutch braid - ie. like a French braid in the fact that you are picking up hair and adding it in as you go along, but you are taking the hair underneath rather than over, like an inverted French braid.  Continue this process in a circular shape around the entire head.
Step 8: Once you have run out of hair and if you have some remaining, continue braiding it as normal, but still inverted.
Step 9: Secure with a small clear elastic.
Step 10-11: Arrange over head and secure with bobby pins.
Step 12: Loosen strands of hair to give a softer look and to frame your face.
Step 13 (Optional): Add some hairspray if you think it could slide around.  I've been using the one from the John Frieda Frizz Ease range.

Don't miss this hairstyle in my upcoming Get Ready With Me video on my YouTube channel, that I will be uploading this weekend.

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