New In: Topshop Moto Mom Jeans

My quest for the perfect pair of Mom jeans has been a long one.  There was the usual hunting on Polyvore, and trying on the Topshop Mom jeans about four times, before finally deciding to bite the bullet.  I picked these up last weekend for a hefty $72, and since they have been in my possession, I have yet to take them off.  Okay, that's an exaggeration... but I have seriously worn them every single day since I bought them.

I got them in a W28 and L32, in the lightest wash (they were the last pair in my size of any wash, however this was still the one that I wanted).  As far as sizing, they hit me about an inch and a half above the ankle bone, but I generally cuff the ends as shown above.  The waist is a little bit large, but I'm hoping that a run through the wash will tighten it up a bit so that it sits more high waisted and less slouchy, but either way they live up to the typical Mom jean fit/look.  They are also very comfortable and fairly thick.

As far as styling these lovelies, the possibilities are endless.  Crop tops, leotard tops, cardigans, and sweaters top the list.  In this outfit below, I am paired them with a soft, fuzzy, slouchy, pink sweater from Forever 21 (yes, also a recent purchase) that I am obsessed with at the minute, and my Aldo Bogumila boots, for an easy to put together, casual look.

As far as purchasing these, I would recommend them if you cannot find a cheaper alternative where you live.  If you interested in them, probably pick them up sooner rather than later as Topshop have begun to sell out of a couple sizes, washes, etc., and change their stock quite often so they may not be back.

You may have noticed that I have some formatting changes!  I have finally gotten rid of the awful borders that Blogger puts on your photos, and also gotten them to enlarge appropriately - ie. as of now, no more low quality, small, bordered photos.  I've also axed the whole "black and white blurry" frame look that I was going for in some of my recent posts and decided to just stick to normal photos.  I think it looks cleaner this way, but let me know how you feel about it. x


  1. Great review, think I might pick these up. What do you think of the black ones? Keep up the work on this cool blog.

  2. I'm 4'11 and wondering if you would have an idea of how the mom jeans would fit? Like would it be too long? And I do plan on cuffing the ends like what you have done. Did washing them change the way they fit? thxs.

    1. Hey! I have had the jeans for about a year now and love them. I am 5'8" and wear a Length 32, so it's hard for me to say how these would fit you. I would recommend looking for the shortest length listed at Topshop and using the accompanying size guide on their website to verify. You could also see if they carry them in Petite? Good luck!


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