New Year's Resolutions 2014

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Although this is not my first blog post of 2014, and we are already two weeks into the year, I had the idea to update my resolutions for this year, specifically pertaining to blogging and fashion, on here.  This is what I came up with, and will be striving for this year!

1. Be more creative: I want to take better, more unique pictures, experiment with my style more, and do interesting and different posts and videos.
2. Be more organized: I want to find a clean, organized format, consistent between my blog and channel, that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow.  I've been jumping around a lot recently, between image types and such, and need to settle on the one that I like best. (Let me know if you have a preference in the comments).
3. Film Well: I have briefly mentioned before that I am very interested in film, and filmmaking, and want to be a director down the road.  This being said, I feel like all of the videos that I put up do not reflect this, and are thrown together with not as much effort as I could be putting into them. It would be great practice for me to really go for well filmed and edited videos, and for that matter images as well, this year.
4. Make more money: How materialistic and superficial of me.  But honestly, I should really start thinking more about saving for my future, and I would love to save up for a B-cam for when I shoot music videos for people, and other types of projects, as well as some more professional lighting, and editing software.
5. Pursue my passions: Since I want to go into film, and hopefully fashion in some capacity as well, I want to begin really pursuing these areas in my spare time.  I've already written a screenplay for a short film that I hope to direct in March, and then enter in a couple of festivals, to put my name and skills out there.  Obviously blogging will help with the fashion side of things, and I would love to start up an online store maybe, of either things I've reworked or customized, or maybe even some of my own designs.
6. Make the most of what I have: Whether it be shopping less and making the most of my existing wardrobe, or learning how to love my body more and embrace my natural assets, I think that this is great advice for everyone in a world that is always trying to expand and accumulate and correct things. I've already started on this - learning to make the most of my dark eyebrows, and gap teeth, and bushy hair, and really pampering my skin.  I've also been trying to eat more healthy, thanks to the "My Fitness Pal" app on the iPhone.

Well that's all for today, sorry for the different post style - I hope you liked it! x Stay tuned for more posts coming soon - I am also working on my Winter Lookbook for this week, followed by a Winter Trend Guide and Hair video too.


  1. Amen to all of then sista! Let's hope we keep them, but your style is already perfect so not much need to change there haha.
    And hi5 for the youtube resolutions, let's hope we actually keep though ay. xx

  2. great! :)


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