outfit: sweaters, skirts, and such

Sweater - Forever 21, Skirt - Topshop, Glasses - H&M, Shoes - Converse, Rings - H&M

Full disclosure - I did not leave the house in this outfit.  As much as I love it, it simply would not do in the -20 degree weather we've been having in Canada recently.  That being said, the soft, fuzzy pink jumper was perfect for doing things around the house, and I couldn't help but pair it with my favourite asymmetrical skirt from Topshop.  I dug out my Converse from the summery section of my wardrobe, and also added these slightly cat eyed sunglasses from H&M.  Can spring just hurry up already?  PS. I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts this week - I had exams and so everything was a bit crazy.  Also, I was finally able to get vertical pictures that my photo editor wouldn't lower in resolution, so although my posing was slightly even more awkward than usual (if that is at all possible), I am happy with the quality of the photos, however I do plan to do some more artistic experimentation in the coming posts. x


  1. I love your pretty jumper! xxx


  2. Awesome pics and cool outfit
    Nice blog! :D


  3. I'm obsessed with that skirt! And I really love the neutral springy colour pallet of this outfit, pweedy. xx


  4. Your sweater is so gorgeous! And I love how you matched your outfit with a pair of converse- it looks so pretty yet very casual at the same time! :-)



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