Week in Instagrams #1

Shoutout to the bottom of the picture that got cut off.  I have been trying to post on instagram in between blog posts, to keep you guys up to date with my life, and share some outfit inspiration, etc.  I had been considering doing a 'month' in instagrams post, but figured that a week would be a little bit more short and sweet, and I hope that you enjoy it. x PS. You can follow me here, @tiaaelis.

Sunday: I headed out to brunch in the afternoon with my quilted Mango wallet and some friends, after flipping through an old issue of my favourite magazine, W, and taking a quick snap of this Marc Jacobs ad.
Monday: Throwing it back to when I was last in London, and found this adorable cafe in Hampstead.  I've tried looking up the name, but have had no success unfortunately.  I think it was near Le Creperie if that helps at all!  I miss London :(
Tuesday: Promo for my last post, "Head and Shoulders Above" (read here) featuring my off the shoulder top and of course, my Topshop mom jeans. Typical.
Thursday: Post-exam outfit posting.  This pile contains a graphic tee from Forever 21, some H&M sunnies, my ASOS boyfriend watch, and once again, mom jeans.
Friday: I took outfit pictures this morning! And in between, I just had to stop for a selfie in this gorgeous fluffy pink jumper that I picked up from Forever 21. Can't get enough of it.

Don't forget to follow me for more posts - my account is @tiaaelis.  I am also on Twitter (same name), as well as Lookbook and Chictopia. PS. The quality of the second set of photos isn't that great because internet photo/collage editors hate me.  Still trying to figure out how to trick them into not lowering my resolution.  Apologies.  Does anyone have a good collage maker that doesn't do this?


  1. really cute pics, you have such an awesome blog! <3
    Emma xx

  2. oooh your photos are lovely! :)


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