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Holy moly!  I can't believe that February has come to a close, and with it, February Fever!  (For those of you who are just joining me or were living under a rock this last month, I blogged every weekday this month and it was pretty jam packed.)  I couldn't think of a post theme worthy of marking today's finale article, so I've settled on a retrospective.  Everyone loves a good dose of nostalgia (from a few weeks ago), right?

Top: Topshop Haul - here   |   In Step - here   |   Fashionspiration #1 - here
Bottom: Pinky Promise - here   |   Par Hasard - here   |   Semi Formal - here
F A S H I O N //

Due to the number of articles I had to write, outfit posts weren't as common this month, however I hope to get back into the swing of twice-a-week outfits throughout March.  That being said, I did have a few gems - starting with "In Step" during Week 1, where I wore my favourite turtleneck and skater skirt, paired with a fancy new pair of metallic oxfords (featured lovingly in a haul that followed - here).  I also professed my deep love for my pink fluffy boyfriend coat from Topshop, which I wore to celebrate V-Day out in the snow.  Both posts made appearances on TeenVogue Fashion Click, which was really exciting and meant a lot to me!  This past week, you saw two outfits (lucky you!), and in the first of which I showed off an outfit that I wore to a fancy school event (I was nominated for best dressed, no big deal....), and a more casual everyday look ft. my dirty boots.  There was also lots of Hauling, and even some inspiration posts that I put up as well. 

Lush Haul - here   |   Drugstore Foundation Edit - here   |   Pink Me Up - here   |   Smoke & Mirrors - here

B E A U T Y //

Although I typically find that you, my lovely audience, prefer to read fashion-y posts like those listed above, I do post quite a lot of beauty things, especially this month.  For my first official post, I hauled some bathtime goodies and skincare staples from LUSH, and followed it up the following week with a drugstore foundation edit, which I had a surprisingly good response to (thanks)!  I also finally uploaded a video again, in which I showed all of my favourite beauty goodies along with a few style ones, on my YouTube.  Valentine's Day was all about pink, and I celebrated my showing all of the pink make-up that I could dig up.  In hindsight I found that the pictures in this post looked kind of cheesy and haphazard, but oh well, you learn from these things!  I also did a new face of the day post this week, showcasing a pink pout and neutral smoky eye that I wore.

Pieces of A Weekend - here   |   Week in Instagrams #2 - here   |   Recent Film Favourites - here

L I F E S T Y L E //

Not much to say here, just the usual "Week in Instagrams" posts that you all seem to be so enthusiastic and lovely about (again, thank you!), as well as a post on my favourite recently watched films, featuring Sofia Coppola, Steve McQueen, and of course, Wes Anderson.  Recently, I also did a 'weekend' themed post.

Shopping Tips - here   |   How I Edit my Blog Photos - here   |   What's in My Bag? - here   |   Style Advice #1 - here

T I P S //

Ultimately the point of having a fashion/beauty blog is to be helpful to whoever may read it - from giving them outfit inspiration, or showing how best to apply a product, etc., etc., if your blog isn't helpful and inspiring, it may as well not even exist.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  I took this into account when planning my articles this month, and posted a few times about my various tips and tricks for beauty, fashion, and blogging.  Firstly, I talked Shopping Tips, because goodness knows we could all do with some of those now and again.  I also took the time to share my favourite photo editing methods, and created a new weekly feature called Style Advice Sunday.  The latter involves receiving your fashion questions via Twitter (@tiaaelis) and Tumblr every Sunday, and responding to them as best as I can.  It was fun, so thanks!

All in all, February Fever was an exciting and fun success!  I got to hear from so many of you, and I hope you know how much I love reading your comments and tweets - they warm my heart!  I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what posts you loved and/or want to see more of in the future.
 xo  Happy March!


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