february fever: ready, set, go!

 If you've been watching my Twitter at all recently, you will know that today, February 3rd, marks something very exciting and special on my blog!  That's right, today is the beginning of February Fever, where I will be doing a new blog post every single week day, of the entire month.  I had originally planned this back at the end of November, as February tends to be a rather slow and depressing month (despite being shorter), to give me something exciting to do.  Turns out this month is actually going to be crazy busy, but oh well!  I can't believe the time has come to start out already... I have almost all of the posts planned out and I hope that you enjoy them.  From outfits, to reviews, to favourites, hauls, and possibly even a giveaway, stay tuned for lots of fun things on this space.  Also, feel free to leave me a comment with any suggestions or ideas that you might have for posts, or just to say 'hi,' and share this with any fashion-blog-reading-friends too.  Anyways, have a great day, and I will see you tomorrow in my first post! xx

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  1. hi can you do a post on how u edit your blog and instagram pics please!!


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