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We've all been there - counting our pennies, coveting some new piece we've just clipped to Polyvore (hem, hem - all of these), and wondering why on earth we had spent them on all in the Forever 21 sale.  This is a situation I often find myself facing - lack of shopping funds, an item on my wishlist, and a pile of semi-regretful purchases.  That being said, I have definitely found ways to reduce this effect, and am happy to be sharing how I have been able to. Enjoy and let me know your shopping strategies in the comments. xo

1. Listen to your List: If you're anything like me, you love making lists of everything you want to buy, and have been envisioning wearing obsessively (or maybe I'm just weird...?)  While this can be a painful endeavor, it can also be very helpful when it comes to limiting your unnecessary spending.  I love using Polyvore to clip and organize my favourite pieces that I'm coveting from around the web.  Once armed with a set full of my most wanted items, I can really think about it - is there a point in going to the mall to be enticed by something else I don't need, or should I save my pennies for that gorgeous turtleneck I've been coveting on ASOS?  Or, you can look at it as a shopping list - budget the items that you are looking for in comparison to your designated shopping funds, and go only to the stores that you know are stocking them.  Aim to not get sucked in by pieces not on the list!

2. Take Caution About Sales: Sales and cheap stores can be great, but they can also suck (the money out of your wallet, I mean).  So often I get people telling me that I shouldn't shop so much at Topshop, because it's so much more expensive than places like Forever 21, but I've been able to justify it - I would rather spend my $40 on one piece that I will wear a ton from Topshop, then three things that I will kind of wear sometimes from Forever 21.  Almost all of my favourite clothes are from Topshop, and if it costs a bit more for less, then that is something I am willing to sacrifice.  Don't buy something just because you like it and it's cheap, that's a waste of money!  Buy it because you love it and have lots to pair it with.

3. Brutal Buddy: If you don't want to go shopping alone, grab a friend who you know can be brutally honest and open to you.  The worst is going shopping with friends who insist everything looks great on you, and then coming home and finding that the fit is just not flattering at all.  (Psst.. moms often fit the mould pretty well, plus they often like to treat you!)  Make sure that both of you are sure of the fit, colour, value, and wearability of the piece you've put on.

4. Mental Outfit Creation: So you've made it to the mall, and into the change room, having resisted picking up too many unplanned items.  So now what?  Once you try on a piece that you like, it fits and looks flattering, go through your existing closet in your mind and think about how you would style it with your existing wardrobe.  One of the worst mistakes that you can make is saying "oh, I like this shirt.  I will wear it with grey skinny jeans, that I will buy at some point in the future."  Because what if you don't find jeans that you like?  What if they go out of style or out of stock?  No, think of at least three other pieces you can pair it with.  Also think about shoes, accessories, and hairstyles.  Make sure you have plausible ideas!

5. Organize and Eliminate: Categorize things as you try them on - love/need, like, no.  When you are done, go through the love/need category and pick out what passes #3 and #4's test of approval.  From there, think about what you already have that is similar.  If it's too similar pass, unless it's something you wear all of the time and need another of.  Out of the likes, maybe consider something if it's a borderline love and is well-priced or on sale, otherwise, clip them to Polyvore and wait until a sale, or say good-bye for good.  And obviously, pass up on those no's.

In summary, shop for what's on your wishlist, buy what you love and not what is just cheap, be brutally honest about fit and flattery, know what you want to wear it with, and kill your non-darlings when it comes to the register.

Happy shopping!! xo


  1. I make lists of things I want or need to buy all the time! And I'm definitely a sucker for a sale, which most of the times results in me buying stuff I never wear or use...

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. This is a great post, I always end up buying things in the heat of the moment that I don't even like purely because of the price!
    -Magenta xxx


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