new in part 2: topshop sale gems

  I've recently made two separate trips into my favourite store, Topshop, and had a little dig through their incredible sale.  I have to say, when Topshop have a sale, they go all out.  Most of these items were at least a third of the original price, which is insane, and I love them all dearly (especially you, pink fluffy boyfriend coat).  Just thought I'd also mention that I took this photos in the evening, hence the not-so-fantastic lighting, but I did what I could!  PS > If you didn't get it from the title, this is part 2 of a post I started on Tuesday, click here to see what I picked up at LUSH. xo

Pink Coat - $48 (originally $160)
Laser Cut Holographic Oxfords - $11 (originally $58, see them on here)
Rose Gold Flats - $9 (originally $48)
Gem Silk Dress - $24 (originally $124)


  1. Wow you found some really awesome deals. I love those rose gold flats

    1. Thanks love x and yes I was very lucky!


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