par hasard

Sweater - Forever 21   |   Blouse - Topshop   |   Skirt - Topshop   |   Boots - Aldo   |  Watch - ASOS   |   Wallet - Mango

Okay, I wear this skirt and boots a lot.  Get over it.  The truth is, this asymmetrical leather skirt is just such a staple piece, and I love how the shape and texture take any outfit to the next level.  Speaking of which, I've been obsessing over Amy from The Little Magpie recently (how could you not?), and I love how she often layers blouses under cropped jumpers.  Although this one isn't all that cropped, I couldn't resist to try the trend out myself, and I have to say, I was surprised that it somewhat-remotely-kind of-a little bit-worked-maybe?  Usually whenever I attempt a trendy layering trick it completely back fires, but hopefully I can work with this one.  On a side note, I can't believe we're into the last week of February Fever already!
PS. Blogger turned the border around the second image blue... not sure why, I think it has to do with the auto-enhance function. Annoyed... sorry...


  1. Love this look! xx

  2. I love your jumper, I've literally just brought a fluffy crop from Topshop xx


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