avenue montaigne

Pink Coat - Topshop   |   Striped Tee - H&M (here)   |   Mom Jeans - Topshop (review)   |   Shoes - Converse   |   Rings - H&M   |   Nails - Essie "Wicked" (review)

There's something so obviously Parisian about a breton striped tee, and perhaps that is what drew me to this one that I hauled recently from H&M.  Naturally, I wanted to pair it my pink coat, but instead of taking the expected, safe black-riding-pants-and-ankle-boots route, I decided to dress it down a bit more.  As always, mom jeans were the immediate answer, and in my desperation for warmer weather, I added my Converse All Stars.  Maybe if spring sees how eager I am for it to come, it will decide to???  (Note that I'm also embracing SS14 with little to no make-up on - just a slather of BB cream and concealer, filled in brows, and light mascara. Maybe eyeliner?  I can't remember, to be honest.)

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  1. tia how do you get the like full body shots? I can never seem to fit my whole body in a picture haha
    also you look so gorgeous in these pictures! congrats on 1k!! xx

    1. hahaha i just saw this and that scares me because with my luck my camera will probably die but i'll definitely try it! thank youuuu

  2. You styled the mom jeans so nicely!!! Very chic!!!

  3. you look so cute! love that pink coat, it's perfect<3
    the entire outfit is gorgeous actually:)
    Emma xx

  4. Lovely simple outfit! xx


  5. Love the simplicity of this outfit!

    Madison Martine

  6. Love how simple this outfit, played up by the statement coat! You're style is FLAWLESS! yes cheaky Beyonce reference.. why not? Haha.
    And congrats on 1K Subbies! You deserve it darl! xoxo



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