the new and improved tiaelisabeth

  A few days ago I sat down on my computer and starting mocking up ideas for a new layout for my blog.  Until this point, I had been using the "Simple" template on blogger, with a few of my own minor alterations, but ultimately, I wanted something more professional, sleek, and advanced looking, without having to pay lots of money... or actually, without having to pay any money.  So I went to some of my favourtie blogs and looked at what made them tick.   I made a list of things I loved, and then literally googled codes for them.  It took a lot of playing around, a lot of frustration, and a lot of searching, but I finally was able to create a whole new look and feel for the site.  From a floating sidebar, new header, and wider post space, to an Instagram slideshow down below, I seriously hope you all love it as much as I do.  I'm making this my little present to you guys for all of your lovely support during the craziness that was February Fever. Thanks and let me know your thoughts below! x

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  1. Lovely layout! I also changed mine recentely!


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