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  Today I'm switching off the usual fashion/beauty posts for something different and exciting - travel!  I just got back a few days ago from beautiful Costa Rica, where I spent a week surfing, hiking, white water rafting, ziplining, and soaking up the sun.  It's an incredible country, with a uniquely progressive outlook for not only Central America, but the whole world.  Something that I found quite interesting was that they have had no military since the 1950's, and this has allowed them to invest alternatively in clean energy (they aim to be carbon neutral by 2020), universal healthcare, and free mandatory education.  As a result, the people are incredibly friendly, gracious, and intelligent, and are extremely proud of their beautiful country.  I was so lucky to have experienced so many adventures there, and hope to be back soon again!

The sunset view from the base of the Arenal Volcanoe.
Having some guacamole and tortilla chips  following a trip to the hot springs.
We went on an intense two-day overnight white water rafting trip, and spent the night at the stunning Rios Tropicales eco lodge on the bank of the Pacuare River.
The view of the jungle from our lodge.

We spent the last few days in Tamarindo, a surfing town on the Pacific coast, where I took a surfing lesson and also got very sunburnt. *sigh*

Finally some poolside relaxing with my fruit drink at the hotel we stayed at, just a few minutes outside of downtown Tamarindo.
Please respect that all photos are mine and are not to be copied or redistributed.  Hope you're all well. x

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