Fuzzy Jacket - H&M   |   Tank - Topshop   |   Riding Pants - H&M   |   Boots - Aldo (now on sale!)   |   Bag - Zara   |   Lips - Clinique "A Different Grape"

Finding good lighting to take these photos was definitely a struggle, but I wanted to capture this outfit because I enjoyed it so much.  I had my hair done in an intricate braided up do thang with ribbons and such for a dance exam the day prior, and kept it in (but a little more toned down, obviously) today, because who doesn't love not having to do their hair in the morning?  I added dark lips to take the look up a notch, and elevated it further with a diva-like fuzzy jacket from H&M.  To keep things simple under this focal point of a piece, I just wore black riding pants and a black tank.  Finally, I added my beloved Office City Bag from Zara to hold my essentials.  See you again soon x

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  1. Sick shoes!! Can't believe they are on sale for $15 thank you sosososososo much for putting the link!! love your blog btw


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