what i wore: winter 13/14

  I've always loved the annual outfit retrospective posts that some of my favourite bloggers do each New Year's, and have wanted to do one myself for a while now.  But since it isn't January 1st, or frankly anywhere near that, I decided to change it up and do a seasonal retrospective.  After all, March 21st came and went, and even though it may not feel like spring is here in Canada yet, according to the calendar, it is.  I've dug through all of my winter outfit posts from this year, and complied them below for you!  I love seeing how not only my style, but photo taking abilities, have changed over time.  I'm quite proud!  Let me know which are your favourite looks. xx


  1. Favorites are Sweaters, Skirts an Such and Vamplify! love ur style!

  2. How cool is it to see your style changing? I love the first outfit, in step and head and shoulders above. Amazing style.


  3. the pink coat is just perfect, and I really love the way you styled your hair! xx

  4. This summary is amazing! My favorite outfits are definitely "avenue montaigne" "Head & Shoulders Above" "Vintage x Chanel" "Midi & Monochrome" :)


  5. I love all of these outfits. soo cute and chic. keep posting OOTD's :)


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