TIA WEARS: Turtleneck & Shorts via H&M, Tommy Hilfiger Boots via Hudson's Bay Company

TIA SAYS: So I have spent the past month or so being Internet MIA (due to a combination of bad hair days and piles upon piles of work), and this has left me thinking a lot about my blog and what I would like it to be like.  I've decided that one way to improve, is to streamline my aesthetic, in stead of bouncing around all over the place.  I've decided that I am drawn to unsaturated, exposed colour palettes, and clothing with interesting, modern shapes, that still retain a classic aura.  I'm not changing my style or trying to conform to an identity, but rather understanding what my style is trully and most honestly represented by.  So here is your first look at the new Tia Elisabeth aesthetic... you like?

In other news, I was recently interviewed by my amazing staff over at Couturesque magazine about my favourite fall trends, and have just confirmed that I will be at Toronto Fashion Week this month!  Hope to see you there....


  1. You rock a turtleneck!

  2. You rock this outfit.

    Eea P


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