Turtleneck Obsessed

Introducing Tia's everyday uniform for F/W14. You know you love it too.

TIA WEARS:  Turtleneck from Zara, Culottes from Topshop, Duster Coat from H&M Conscious Collection, Shoes from Zara

TIA SAYS: This outfit is essentially representative of my everyday uniform lately (okay, it's been a little cold... let's say on those rare mild days!)... culottes, a turtleneck, my duster coat, and these beautiful elevated oxfords I picked up from Zara last weekend.  I'm obsessed with the relaxed, effortless chic look that each piece gives off, and how they come together to create something that combines Parisian sophistication with 90's normcore chill.  I love it!


  1. Love this look! You have awesome style! (And really great hair.) Sadly I think our Toronto winter is here to stay now xx


  2. Love your outfit!XOXO!

  3. Love your look.

    Eea P

  4. I have the same exact turtleneck. Love the way you styled it! xx Tracy

    Stay Gold


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