New York Diary

I took a little trip to NYC with TeenVogue and Condé Nast, filled with the most amazing seminars, meetings, and people.  These were the highlights.

I arrived Friday afternoon in Tribeca, partially exhausted from travelling, and partially amped to go shopping and see the city.  (But mostly shopping).  We walked from Tribeca up to Greene Street in SoHo, which is lined with old shops turned luxury boutiques.  After pitstops to drool/cry/secretly take Insta pictures at Dior, Acne, and Stella, I picked up some Adidas Superstars from the Adidas Originals store in the area.  They are my babies and I will cherish them forever.  Seriously, I hadn't had a pair of practical, comfortable shoes since I was like twelve, so these have felt like a gift from the heavens.  Can't recommend enough.

We headed back to the hotel via Washington Square Park, and I got ready for a party in Times Square with Express and Teen Vogue.  It was live.  I met up with Michaela (By Michaela Christine) and Sammi (Sammi Quinn) when I got there and we mingled with other fashionistas, listened to Chelsea Leyland DJing (yes, I know), and then got a chance to chat with some of our favourite Teen Vogue editors.  Andrew Bevan and Jessica Minkoff each spent a lot of time with each person giving advice, taking selfies, and being all round superstars.  It was a great way to start the weekend!

I can't believe that I acutally pulled myself out of bed at quarter to six on Saturday morning.  The things we do for fashion, honestly.  After breakfast at Starbucks on Chambers St., I walked down to the World Trade Center looking like an uptown farmer in Zara overalls and of course, my Adidas.  An hour in security, 60 floors, and a mug of (very caffeinated) tea later, and I was ready for the first lecture of the day at Teen Vogue Fashion University.  Each of the speakers had unique, insightful advice to share - from Michelle Phan on finding time to meditate and taking risks, to Julianna and Brian from Black Frame PR on building a brand, or Kristen Joy Watts on how to make it big on Instagram, Aliza Licht (aka @dknyprgirl) on building the Cara Delvingne x DKNY collection, and Mickey Rapkin on what not do in an interview, every guest brought something honest and genuinely helpful to the table.  For all that fashion has a reputation for exclusivity, the people that I met and heard from were sincere in their passion for facilitating young talent.  Thank you so much to Amy Astley and the entire Teen Vogue crew for making this happen!

Shoutout to alarm clocks that don't go off.  Or people who set them for 'pm' in stead of 'am'. I can relate because Sunday morning, I woke up half an hour before the event.  I made it in time but at the sake of my hair.  It was not cute.  We finished TVFU off with an ultra inspiring chat with Erika Bearman, aka @oscarprgirl.  The most poignant words of wisdom she shared?  Get over yourself, you have to earn it, and you are always enough.  Someone will always be smarter, prettier, or thinner, and you have to accept it and get over it.  You do you kinda thing.  It resonated. 

After an emotional good-bye to fashion friends and the beautiful marble walls of the World Trade Center (#istillcry), brunch was obviously on the agenda next.  For that, we turned to Church Publick in Tribeca, where many a carmelized apple french toast was consumed.  SO. GOOD.  A lot of walking then happened.  My feet were not a fan.  It was also cold and I was bitter from the end of the seminar.  I popped into Fish Eddy's - the cutest home decor shop ever - and then felt it psychologically neccessary to check out Dough, an artisan doughnut shop.  I didn't even know doughnuts could be artisinal, but I'm glad I found out.  It was an experience.  Dinner was Shake Shack because I eat like a teenage boy.  No joke of a lie, I'm seriously a vacuum.

On Monday morning, I headed to the Lacoste head offices to discuss their new collection with their PR team.  Couturesque got an early look at the showroom before the press preview that happened Thursday, and I came home with a whole lot of "René-Did-It-First" paraphernalia.  The man was a genius - did you know that he invented the tennis ball machine?  Lunch soon followed as well as a casual stroll through Central Park.  Fifth Ave was next and I almost cried in Valentino.  You don't know true beauty until you have seen a Valentino creation up close, for real. We did dinner at Locanda Verde in Tribeca and then called it a night.

Tuesday was sadly our last day.  It started off with a breakfast meeting with the always lovely Coach Digital PR team.  They are doing such cool things over at Coach right now and it is so cool to hear how the brand has evolved.  Their team is also so gracious and helpful and it is amazing to see how passionate they are about not only their brand, but in reaching out to people entering the industry. 10/10 would recommend. Breakfast was followed by a walk along the beautiful High Line, and then ice cream at Chelsea Market.  That wrapped up the trip - it went by so fast!



  1. oops I think the post has 2 monday..? hahah I can only imagine Valentino's collection up close and ACNE studios!! must've been a great trip :)

  2. I love this! You got some great pics and it looks like you had a great time! Glad to see you are blogging again Tia


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