An Ode to Flares

After close to a decade of skinny jean monomania, there's a new denim trend in town.  Meet the flared jean, and the new love of my life.  Here's why.

Tia Wears: Eyewear (H&M)  /  Top (H&M Studio)  /  Moto Jamie Flared Jeans (Topshop)

I'm not going to lie - flares may be huge amongst the fashion community right now, but in the bleak and cold world of real life, my peers have given the trend a far from hospitable welcome.  There are two kinds of girls who've rejected the flare, in my opinion: the girls who are afraid that their butt won't look as good in them as it does in their skinny jeans (since my early teens, this has always miffed me - how can a butt look better than another butt? I still don't get what constitutes a nice one), and the ones who are too afraid to try something apart from the norm with their look.  There's a considerable amount of crossover between the two, I think.  But the flare isn't as scary as you think, no matter how much of a departure it may be from your status quo look.  Trust me, it can work.

First of all, the flared jean is incredibly flattering.  If you aren't a fan of your legs (although you should be!!! You rock, I swear!), a nice loose flared jean skips over it all, and leaves what's underneath open to interpretation.  Maybe you have the legs of Karlie Kloss.  Maybe your calves are more ripped than Misty Copeland.  Maybe you're secretly Mr. Tumnus and you're harbouring some hooves under there.  No one will know.  All they see is a floaty, effortless pair of pants that give off the illusion of longer, leaner legs.  What's not to like?

Secondly, a good old pair of flares is hella comfy.  I'm sorry, but who really wants to have stiff cotton twill clinging to their body for ten hours each day?  Are you a victim of skinny-jean-sit-down-itis?  Where you have to completely readjust your jeans after you sit down because they ride up?  It's not a comfy life.  The flare completely mitigates whatever starchiness is provided by the denim material and you actually won't feel like your legs are suffocating.  So long, skinny jeans...

Thirdly, it's always fun to try something new.  Isn't it so much more satisfying to come home from the mall with an item that is totally unique and foreign to your existing wardrobe vocabulary?  What's the point of buying something you already basically have?  Why wear the same thing everyday? (Unless you're Karl Lagerfeld, in which case, you go, Karl).  Contrary to popular belief, wearing something that is a departure from normality, and that you really love, is one of the best ways to feel more confident.  Sometimes getting comfy in your own skin is about throwing yourself into a not-so-comfy position, and then owning it.  Dress like your actual taste in fashion - if you double-tapped that Instagram picture of Leandra Medine in a pair of Natasha Zinko jeans so flared you could hide a small child up each pant leg, you can do yourself the service of dressing in such a way that you feel double-tap worthy.  So often I talk to people who say stuff like "the way I dress does not reflect my fashion sense, don't worry" and I'm confused, if not a little bit upset; who are you dressing for then, and why?  If you like them on Leandra, why can't you like them on you?  That's a rhetorical question.  There is no real reason, so stop coming up with excuses in your head, like I know you are self-depricatingly trying to do right now.

I'll leave you with two recommendations to mull over, both of which I own and cherish: first, the Topshop Jamie Flares ($75), which are like ultra stretchy skinny jeans to the knee and then end with a moderate flare.  Perfect for comfort and a less flashy look, plus they are high-waisted and mitigate the appearance of any food baby action.  Love.  Second recommendation: these wide-legged wonders from Zara ($49).  These babies literally have no fit - from the hip to the ankle, they just drop.  Comfort is a major yes, and they also give off some serious 70's vibes.  Pair with a peasant blouse or sweatshirt and sneakers and you are literally Farah Fawcett.  That is all.

Have you got on the flared jeans trend?  How do you wear them?

Let me know! xx Tia

PS. I published this recently, about France and Denmark's initiatives to ban skinny models.  Have a look!

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