styling for #beautyesque

I styled my first photoshoot, and this is what happened.

I've always wanted to delve into styling.  It started with my passion for playing dress-up as a child, manifested itself in an addiction to shopping, and continues to be pervasive in my love of magazines.  I recently had the opportunity to style a shoot for my magazine, Couturesque, to mark the relaunch of our beauty department.

I also creative directed the shoot, and after deciding on the overall look and feel of the project (many a moodboard were made), I set off researching ideas for how to style it.  Beauty shoots aren't about the clothes, but I still wanted them to be interesting enough that they reflected Couturesque as a brand: edgy, quirky, trendy, smart.  The 70s are very topical for fall, hence the turtleneck and denim dress, but the look was put together in a more tomboyish than bohemian way, so as not to offset the upbeat, bright feel of the shoot.   While flipping through some of my favourite zines, I was reminded of the trendy mismatched earrings look, and immediately fell in love; as someone who is piercing-phobic, it shocked me how excited I was to try it out.  Both earrings were tied nicely together by their common element - diamante - but contrasted by their odd sizes.  In the end the styling appeared to be a played down, modern update of a vintage inspired look.  Jane Birkin meets Haim meets Tavi?

Styling was so much fun and I can't wait to get more involved with it in the future.  I think that you can expect to see a lot more projects where I'm behind the camera soon...

Creative Directing & Styling: Tia Elisabeth
Photography: Marissa Joan Ho, Petrija Deobela
Makeup & Hair: Alyssa Manuel
Model: Lenna from Elite Toronto

For more about this project, click here.

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