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Miu Miu gets it, or maybe it's Agnès Varda.

I was browsing CR Fashion Book tonight when I came across this short fashion film from Miu Miu, and I knew I had to share it.  

As far as brands go, Miu Miu has always been ubiquitous with teen girls; it's a red carpet favourite of young tastemakers like Kiernan Shipka and Hailee Steinfeld, for example.  But although this might seem like an ordinary observation, it is in fact a very unique relationship.  As far as luxury brands and designers go, many are unsure about the 'teen girl demographic'.  To many, to be seen as a brand for women so young could be seen as a risk - does it devalue their brand, or perhaps moreso, how many 16 year-olds can afford atelier-made gowns?  

Miu Miu doesn't cast aside teen girls however, and in stead not only gives them a vocal presence in the fashion industry, but takes a great deal of care in the portrayal of this often misunderstood demographic.  As I've written about more than once (see: The Power of Teenage Girls & Fashion), today's new guard of young women in fashion are fiercely bright and thoughtful, something that media and the industry rarely tap into.  What stands out to me about Miu Miu's approach to dressing young women however, is their genuine regard for us as a group on par with an adult clientele - they don't, er, "design down to us" and maintain a high level of imagination in their lines that take confidence and maturity to pull off, and the girls who they dress embody this essence of poise and certainty decorously.  

Particularly in Agnès' film, the young teen lead, Jasmine, isn't forced by any means.  She has the curiosity and audacity of a teenage girl, but her outspoken maturity is marked rather by confidence than the usual 'sexiness' that is so often applied to 'grow up' young women on screen.  I love that they gave her braces, and that she wears a top knot, Converse, and overalls.  This is honesty, this is authenticity, and this is storytelling.  And shouldn't that be what fashion is all about?

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