Cure Your Pre-Spring Wardrobe Struggles

In between seasons, there exists a peak-awkward period reserved for unpredictable weather and oftentimes, uncomfortable wardrobe choices.  So this year, in stead of letting myself become overwhelmed by the confusion that is transitional-season-dressing, I'm planning to enter spring with simplicity and comfort.

Your favourite sweater is still relevant in this process - add simple mom jeans or a midi skirt, and then let your accessories do the talking (read: sneakers and statement bags).  Or, remove intricacy from the equation altogether and go for a long dress à la Zimmermann or Coach.  Your sartorial options may be limited during this period, but you can still play with layering and accessories.  Plus, spring is on the horizon!

In case you need more ideas, I scoured HipHunters to find the comfiest and cutest transitional pieces that will streamline the pre-spring season for you (see above image).

Bella Freud Oh! Jumper (here) / Gucci New Ace Leather Tennis Sneakers (here) / Ella Valentine Lea Shoulder Bag (here) / WWD

*Post sponsored by HipHunters


  1. omg that bag! Damn <3

  2. What a great choices!
    Great post ;D



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