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Tia Elisabeth is a fashion writer based in New York and Toronto.  At only 18 years-old, Tia is the founding Editor in Chief of Couturesque, a digital publication for young people pursuing careers in the fashion industry.  Having worked with dozens of the world's top luxury brands and influencers, Tia is committed to a high caliber of intelligent, unique content adored by her demographic.  On her personal blog, Tia's Diary, she shares her day-to-day musings about individual style, trends, and advice, giving readers a more approachable, exclusive look into her life. 

Aside from fashion, Tia is also involved in styling, filmmaking, activism, and travel.

To contact Tia about publicity, collaborations, and ideas, please email tia-elisabeth@hotmail.com.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that you're About/Bio is so well done and well put wow.

    Keep it up girl! xx

    - Mel http://www.kradl.me/fashion/stylebymelh/


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