June 6, 2018

At the end of April, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with civil rights activists, writers, and scholars Angela Davis and Gina Dent during their visit to New York University's campus in Florence, Italy.  In a quiet limonaia on Via Bolognese, we discussed activis...

January 4, 2018

In our hyper voyeuristic, Instagram-obsessed, blogging/vlogging/document-everything culture, we are distracted by pictures of other people's work all of the time and it can be hard to isolate your distinct point of view.

August 6, 2017

And my August 2017 playlist.

March 14, 2017

Those days when you feel like yourself.

March 1, 2017

Art, icons, music, and clothes that are inspiring me this month.

February 18, 2017

Published by Couturesque magazine, Spring 2017

September 2, 2016

Published by Couturesque magazine, Fall 2017

March 7, 2016

Published by Couturesque magazine, Spring 2016

August 15, 2015

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