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Currently: New York City 🍏

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to create things.  When I was eight, I started a bi-monthly magazine for girls at my school, which morphed into a Harry Potter fansite in middle school, and whenever I found the time, there were short films to direct, novels to write, and photo essays to plan in the background.  I have always enjoyed creativity and longed to respond to it - to write about how it moves me and makes an impression on culture, or to make something new myself.

For almost five years, I was the Editor in Chief of Couturesque magazine, an online platform that provides critical-thinking young creatives with meaningful commentary on fashion and beauty.  I wore many hats - writer, editor, creative director, stylist, web designer, photographer, obsessive e-mailer.  As such, my portfolio has become very broad and I have been able to acquire a strong understanding of each of these different, but incredibly interdependent, domains in the editorial landscape.  In January 2019, I ceded my position at Couturesque to continue sharpening my own writing skills (rather than editing) and to concentrate on my passion for culture writing.

I moved from Toronto to New York in 2016 to study at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualised Study.  My research here concentrates on engagements with feminism in image-making (art, film, photography, performance, media) and critical cultural writing, with a Minor in Art History.  Taking advantage of NYU's incredible faculty both at Gallatin and in the departments of Journalism, Art History, and Social/Cultural Analysis has allowed me to approach my interests from diverse points of view, with the guidance of some of the most experienced minds in the field.  It is my intention to bring this interdisciplinary knowledge to all of my work, to create with a voice that is well-rounded and "outside of the box."

I spent the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 living, studying abroad, and working in London, UK, and Florence, Italy, soaking up creative inspiration from different cultures and points of view.  I visited nine countries in nine months and had a life-changing dinner with Angela Davis and Gina Dent that reaffirmed my commitment to forwarding feminist and progressive, anti-colonial, equitable ideology in whatever way that I can.  Having the time and resources to think critically, research widely, and give voice to underserved issues and ideas is not only a privilege but a responsibility.

This year, I am pursuing freelance writing for publications such as DAZED and Document, expanding upon my skills in cultural commentary with a focus on film and art, and how they offer a window into our collective understanding of gender and other social issues.  I also have hopes to write and direct a short film in New York and to work towards writing my first book of essays. I will complete my B.A. at New York University in December 2019 with the intention of pursuing graduate studies in the topic of feminist metaphysics/cultural studies or creative writing.

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Freelance Culture Writer - Published in Dazed, Office, Document 

B.A. Student - NYU Gallatin "Engagements with Feminism in

Image-making and Critical Cultural Writing," Art History minor


Editor in Chief & Founder - Couturesque magazine

Education Intern - Whitney Museum of American Art

Editing Intern - La Pietra Dialogues (Florence, Italy)

Styling Intern - Harry Lambert (London, UK)

Styling Intern - Sara MoonvesVogue magazine (New York, NY)

Community Intern - Kastor&Pollux (Toronto, Canada)


Gender and feminism

Creative writing and journalism


Visual/performance art

Politics and activism


Critical theory

Fashion theory


Writing (journalistic, academic & prose)

Copy editing



Web layout design (WIX)

Production & creative direction

On-camera reporting

35mm and Digital SLR photography

Super 8 and Digital SLR videography

Adobe Photoshop & Premiere

Fashion styling


Organisation and planning

Public speaking

Languages: English (fluent), French (basic working proficiency,

working towards fluency), Italian (limited proficiency, beginner)



-"Tia Elisabeth Glista: Multitalented Creative" with Make Muse (12/18)

-"Student Artist Spotlight" with Embodied Magazine (12/17)

-"Girl of the Week" Q&A with Obsessee (05/16)
-Toronto Fashion Week FW16 Street Style by The Individualist (03/16)
-Toronto Fashion Week FW16 Street Style by She Does The City (03/16)

-The Grey Coat Campaign with Sashion (11/15)
-Wardrobe Essentials with Heights Magazine (11/15)
-Profile + Q&A in The Globe & Mail Style Section (09/15)
-Garage Denim Challenge It-Girl Feature (08/15)
-"Artist Feature" Interview with Eight Magazine (08/15) 

-Lovelyish Blogger Crush (03/18) 
-TeenVogue Fashion Click Editor's Choice (03/23)
-Featured on FashionFacts Instagram (04/11) 
-Featured on The Blogger Program Networks (04/15)
-Ranked in TeenVogue Top 100 Fashion Bloggers
-Featured on Garage Clothing Networks (06/02)
-Ranked #1 Fashion Blogger of 2014 by Collars & Polish (07/03)
-Featured on What I'd Wear (08/2508/29)

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