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"The Affective and Embodied Life of Feminist Nonviolence in Miriam Toews' Women Talking" in Contemporary Women's Writing (accepted and forthcoming, 2023)


Going to Great Pains: Exploring Ana Mendieta and Kiki Smith's Gestures of Suffering" in Confluence (May 2020)


"Gendering Sci-Fi: Posthuman Gender Anxiety in Star Trek and Stranger Things" in Compass (November 2018)

"Fashioning Feminism: How the Fashion Industry Interfaces with the Rhetoric of Gender and Liberation" in Confluence (April 2017)

Conference Presentations

"Making Peace: Feminist Embodiments of Nonviolence in Miriam Toews’ Women Talking" at Cornell Graduate English Society Conference (April 2021) & Université de Montréal Graduate English Conference (March 2021)

"Evading the Gaze: Francesca Woodman's Poses" at NYU Gallatin Dean's Award for Summer Research Conference (2019)

Conferences, Events & Colloquia Organised

Film Studies Association of Canada/University of Toronto Cinema Studies Graduate Student Colloquium: Spectre (January 2021)


Teaching Assistant - Intro to Film Study, University of Toronto Cinema Studies Institute (2020-21)

PhD, University of Toronto - English (2022-present)

My doctoral research will focus on bodily comportment and its relationship to sociality, ethics, and politics in contemporary feminist theory, literature, and film. My dissertation is prospectively titled "Posing Alternatives" and will engage closely with theories of gesture, posture, movement, and bodily relation in conversation with thinkers like Adriana Cavarero, Sara Ahmed, Judith Butler, Bonnie Honig, Jose Muñoz, and others, as well 20th- and 21st-century American literature.

M.A., University of Toronto - English (2021-2022)

My research in English focusses on contemporary feminist literature, gender theory, affect theory, race, and performance. I am interested in how feminist writers utilise literature to craft non-normative critiques of violence and/or visions of non-violence. I am also interested in the ways in which bodies move, perform, and relate in both literature and theory.

M.A., University of Toronto - Cinema Studies (2020-2021)
My culminating "Major Research Paper" in Cinema Studies maps the role of movement in coming of age/girlhood cinema of the 21st century, suggesting that embodiment and motion are sites where tensions around non/normative gender are crucially played out, and arguing for feminist readings of the alternative paths, ways of being in the body, and world-making that are opened by girls' bodily performances, gestures, and creative movements on the threshold of culturally-imposed norms of 'womanhood.' This extended essay relies primarily on phenomenology, gender theory, affect theory, queer theory, Black studies, psychoanalysis, performance theory, and film feminisms.

B.A., New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study - Intersectional Feminist Imagemaking & Cultural Criticism (2016-2020)
Broadly speaking, my undergraduate studies mapped feminist aesthetic and critical strategies across the arts, primarily visual and performance art, cinema, and literature, as well as feminist philosophy and critical fashion studies. My primary concerns included anti-essentialism, gender performativity, the body, artistic & literary solidarities, and issues of self-determination. For my Senior Colloquium, I staged a conversation between 25 texts ranging from the proto-feminist polemics of 16th-century nuns, to contemporary gender and postcolonial theory, to artworks and films by Artemisia Gentileschi, Ana Mendieta, and Agnès Varda, to literary works by Maggie Nelson, Audre Lorde, and Adrienne Rich, in whom I remain interested.

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