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"For Joan Jonas, everything is ongoing," Document (Winter 2024, cover story)


"Emma Corrin mines stories of unbridled, uncensored self-discovery," Document (Winter 2023, cover story)


"The Monstrosity of Feminist Art: A Conversation with Lauren Elkin," Los Angeles Review of Books (2024)


"Paul Preciado: A New Adaptation of Orlando Takes on the Trans Experience," AnOther (2023)


"Savanah Leaf's Earth Mama finds tenderness in solidarity," Document (2023)


"How Cinematographer Agnès Godard Lensed Five of Her Most Striking Films," AnOther (2023)

"Looking back on the oeuvre of Yvonne Rainer, iconoclast and artistic visionary" Document (2023)


"Thirty years later, Sally Potter’s Orlando adaptation still feels wildly modern," Document (2022)

"Heidi Sopinka: This Novel Takes You Inside LA’s Explosive 1970s Feminist Art Scene," AnOther (2022)


"Olivia Laing on the Pain, Pleasure, and Power of Inhabiting a Body," Electric Literature (2021)


"Dispatches from Eileen Myles, the greatest President we never had," Document (2020)

"Agnès Varda’s feminist, anti-establishment legacy, according to her daughter Rosalie," Document (2019)

"Nia DaCosta makes vital films about ‘unconventional women," Dazed (2019)

"Theresa Chromati’s technicolor portraits of women being as loud as they want," Document (2019)

"Julia Jacklin on the visual side of being a musician," Couturesque (2018)

Interview with Angela Davis and Gina Dent, La Pietra Dialogues (2018)

"Bianca Saunders on London, menswear, and community," Couturesque (2018)


Foreword to 34 Collages by Ebru Eltemur, Irrelevant Press (2020)


"In Fingernails, uncertainty is painful," Document (2023)


"Name Drop, No Exit," Public Books (2023)

"TIFF's (somewhat) hidden gems," Document (2023)


"Was Riverdale camp?" Dirt (2023)

"A guide to the tender films of Mia Hansen-Løve," Document (2023)


"Room for Possibility: On Women Talking’s Striking Emptiness," Girls on Tops (2022)

"In Sierra Pettengill’s documentary Riotsville, U.S.A., a fake town reveals real problems" Document (2022)


"From Spencer to Licorice Pizza: why are women suddenly running on film?" The Guardian (2022)

"Will 2020 be the year for feminist horror?" The Quietus (2020)


"Watching ‘Nunsploitation’ films in the age of isolation," Document (2020)


"Coming of Age and Coming Apart in Sally Potter's Ginger and Rosa," Girls on Tops (2020)

"A guide to the best alternative Valentine’s Day movies," Document (2020)

"The promise of Parasite and the lingering, toxic effects of Hollywood’s monopoly on taste," Document (2020)

"Greta Gerwig's feminist economics from Frances Ha to Little Women," Document (2020)

"Bang, bang: the contemporary politics of violence on screen," Document (2019)

"What is an ‘American film’? 6 outsider auteurs who held a mirror to our culture," Document (2019)

"The revolution will be televised? Criminal injustice as entertainment," Document (2019)

"5 Agnès Varda films that taught us how to be vulnerable," Document (2019)

"Revisiting Godard’s Tout Va Bien," Document (2019)

"On Minding the Gap and skateboarding’s counterculture origins in Rust Belt America," Document (2019)

"Five lesser-known films by French New Wave legend Agnès Varda," Dazed (2018)


"Ana Mendieta: Soul of the Earth at Galerie Lelong," PAPER (2019)

"Latinx Artists Use Sci-Fi to Imagine Postcolonial Futures," PAPER (2019)

"Sarah Lucas: Au Naturel at New Museum" for Office (2018)


"Just Like a Person" (Review: Open Throat, Henry Hoke), Review31 (2023)


"A beginner's guide to Annie Ernaux," Document (2022)


"LPD Reads: Joan Didion's Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Today," La Pietra Dialogues (2018)

Personal Essays

"Sister Stories," Electric Literature (2019)

"How Agnès Varda showed me how to live," Couturesque (2019)


"Consumption Diary: Just Say No to Robots," Consumption Report Newsletter (2023)


"The spooky, the spectral, the witchy and weird," A Snack for Later Newsletter (2021)

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