Parallel Lines: Self-Portraits

New year, new priorities.

Among my many goals for 2018 is the desire to make more time for creative pursuits. I use my bullet journal to keep track of my mood everyday, and I consistently find that I end the day on a more positive note if I have made something - whether that be writing a couple of poems, shooting a roll of film, or taking a dance class. Recently, I've also been trying to push my creative vocabulary by trying out mediums I had abandoned early in my childhood - specifically painting, piano, and creative writing. Although it's taken some effort, it feels like I've picked up right where I left off but with a renewed mindset. I have found that being exploratory with a medium that I know very little about is a great way to flex my creative muscles and to think more originally as I often struggle to create work that doesn't feel derivative. In our hyper voyeuristic, Instagram-obsessed, blogging/vlogging/document-everything culture, we are distracted by pictures of other people's work all of the time and it can be hard to isolate your distinct point of view. By trying something completely out of my usual wheelhouse, the themes and colours and things that I am naturally drawn to come out of the woodwork without much effort, helping me to inform my overall ~creative vision~ and finesse what I want my work to reflect more broadly.

So in the spirit of trying new things, here's to a productive, creative, and adventurous 2018!

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