My Photography Tips

1. Lighting is everything! Always try to have strong natural light (a.k.a a window) behind you while shooting. Not only is it going to create the most ideal contrast in terms of the highlights and shadows that your camera will pick up, but it is also super flattering on the subject's face - ex. peep that nose highlight!

2. Embrace analog. If it weren't so expensive (and if I had more patience), I would ideally only shoot on film. It picks up light in the most interesting ways and makes every shot so much more unique; you have to think it out a lot more since you have a limited number per roll, but you also just get this really magical quality when it's processed from the grain and any light leaks, so that no two shots can possibly be alike.

3. Act natural. Be candid. Listen to music and relax. If a subject is tense and posed, it looks wickedly tacky.

4. Look at good photography. For my job, I've spent hours pouring over editorials - whether it's Bruce Weber and Mario Testino books at the Condé Nast library, or pinning an endless stream of 90s fashion photography (also a beautiful illustration of the power of film) to my Pinterest boards, it gives you a much more keen eye for angles and other such ideas when you really know what makes a good photograph.

5. Do something different! Paint on your photos, or write on them, rip them, use flash, get a cool coloured backdrop, flip them upside down, run them over with your car, whatever. Just make them yours in some way - even if it turns out shitty, it will make it more special and fun to you. Plus, that's how you LEARN.

6. Here are some of my favourite fashion photographers to follow on the 'gram: @laurajanecoulson, @stevie_dance, @camille.summersvalli, @ventialscott, @philengelhardt, @benjaminvnuk.

Photos by me

Wearing Calvin Klein bra, Levis jacket, Zara jeans, homemade earrings

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